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Many people falsely believe that salespeople are either
good or bad and that it is an innate skill.

Brandeis CPA Training Solutions provides market specific training solutions for the financial services, accounting and advisory fields. It is well known that CPA/Accountants are not the best when it comes to selling themselves, however we have solved that problem for you by putting together specific packages aimed at getting more clients onto your books.

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Current Struggles In Getting

  • No relationship of trust
  • No formal sales training
  • Targeting the wrong market
  • You don’t understand the marketplace
  • Your service offering is too complex to understand
  • No lead generation strategy

We will teach you how to resolve these issues and many more in our programs.

It is often said by financial service people that they hate sales. The simple answer for why this is, is ‘you don’t know how’. But

We can show you how

Let us teach you

  • Maximize your service offerings
  • Get your pricing right
  • Position your service offering correctly
  • Manage client relationships and expectations
  • Close new leads quickly

Accounting Sales Solutions

Find the right sales package to fit your business and start seeing those ledgers fill up in the black.


Training Package
Call Annually
  • Identify a Persons Learning Style
  • Neuro Linguistic Programing
  • Learning Eye Cues
  • How People Dress
  • Visual, Auditory, Kinestic
  • Addressing all Three Learning Styles


Training Package
Call Annually
  • Everything in Basic Package
  • 7 Keys To Success
  • Sales Process Overview
  • Sales Greetings
  • Questioning Skills
  • Creative Questions


Training Package
Call Annually
  • Everything in Advanced Package
  • Listening Skills
  • Reinforcing
  • Sequence Selling - Closing
  • Handling Customer Attitudes
  • Words that Buyers Use

We also offer extensive onsite training solutions for:

  • Sales Training / Proven Processes That Work
  • Service Manager Training / Customer Pay – Beyond Service
  • F&I Manager Training / Penetration – Best Practices
  • Customer Service Training / CSI – All Departments
  • Management Training / Coaching & Accountability
  • Leadership Programs / Vision & Growth
  • BDC Training / Effective Marketing – Market Share
  • Internet Manager Training / Conversion Rates Holding

"It can take months to find a good customer and just seconds to lose them"

Paul Webb

Virtual Meeting Sessions

If online courses do not seem like the right thing for you, book a call with us and we can find something that suits or needs better. Be it onsite training or video sales coaching to advise on sales processes we have you covered.

The Basics of Service Selling

Services are more complex to price, to deliver and to evaluate than comparatively priced products. Defining the quality of service delivery is very difficult. It boils down to whether the customer feels well-served and if they feel that they are important or valued by you or your company on a case by case basis. When your business provides a service, you need to build a personal relationship. Your only job is to please your main contact. You will need to conduct informal “How am I doing?” and “is there anything I can do for you?” conversations on a regular basis.

It is evidently apparent that the basis of successfully selling a service is based heavily on trust and ability to assure clients that they will be well looked after. Often this requires resolving or addressing issues or problems they may have experienced in the past from other practitioners in your field. This should be done in an open, honest and non-judgemental fashion. Many of their experience may be sensitive and emotional points of pain for them and by engaging in a very human, understanding and relatable fashion with them on these topics you will quickly build a sense of trust with them. This trust can then be used to close them as a client without too much persuasion however your management of the conversion and approach should be carefully guided beforehand by your training on the matter. Approaching such topics in the wrong way will quickly see you lose those potential to make them a client. You can also take additional steps to alleviate their concerns in a very real way by stressing the length of time of your relationships and highlight your sensitivity to the bonds of trust in your relationship with your customers. Offer prospects the chance to make a phone call to your current customers to allay their fears about changing suppliers.

Want to know more?

Aside from our tailored training solution courses Brandeis Training Solutions also has a wide range of other group-based training solutions for you to take advantage of. We do live events, sales strategy blogs and will soon be launching additional online training solutions to further expand your mastery of the art of sales.

Online Courses

We offer a wide range of digital sales training courses with more options to come in the future.

Live Events

Attend one of our live training events where we teach you or your sales people the Art of Selling.

Sales Blog

Subscribe for our Sales Blog where we delve into different strategies, sales industry news and trends.

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